8 Sept 2017

MIT AAA lunch at the ALC!

Please join us for lunch in Cambridge on Friday, September 15, to meet MIT AAA board members. We are well represented this year and we would love to share ideas and suggestions and, to tell you more about our recent activities. For more details and to register, click here.

See you there!

8 Sept 2017 - 2

Dr. Alan Shihadeh (MIT PhD'98) appointed Dean at the AUB

Our warmest congratulations and best wishes on the appointment of Dr. Alan Shihadeh (PhD'98) as the new Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the American University of Beirut! Dr. Shihadeh was selected for his vision, energy, accomplishments, and ingrained passion and conscience to make a difference to AUB and the world at large!!

Read more about it here!

1 Sept 2017

MIT AAA wishes عيد مبارك

30 July 2017

MIT and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals cooperate on light-guided liquid manipulation

Engineers from MIT and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals have been working together to develop light-guided liquid manipulation systems that could be used to separate water from oil more efficiently and effectively. Read more!


15 July 2017

World Food Program (WFP) & MIT

WFP and MIT explore the perfect way to grow crops in Jordan's Climate for the benefit of both Jordanian farmers and Syrian refugees!

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2 July 2017

An Alternative Way to Navigate Amman 


How can Jordan's public transportation system become more accessible and easier to use? Read about the recent activities of Ma'an Nasel, a citizen-led public transport advocacy group that MIT AAA board member Hazem Zureiqat (MIT '08) helped found and the App they designed!






12 June 2017

21 May 2017

Hala ReACT's !

The ever dynamic Hala Fadel (MBA ’01) is one of the founding members of Refugee ACTion Hub (ReACT), announced at the SOLVE at MIT’s annual flagship event. ReACT will develop digital and blended learning opportunities and serve as a catalyst for anyone dedicated to solving the problem of refugee education.

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20 April 2017


In case you missed it early this year Dr. Osama Nayfeh (MIT PhD, 2009) received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) , recognizing his research on optimizing the computational capabilities of the Navy in areas of cyber security and cyber situational awareness. Congratulations Dr. Nayfeh


Dr. Ahmad (Mo) Khalil (below) (MIT MSc 2004 and MIT PhD 2009) was selected to receive a PECASE award because his work is an outstanding example of innovative research at the frontiers of science and technology and because of his strong commitment to service, scientific leadership, education, and outreach. His research uses synthetic biology to engineer cellular networks; the specific focus of his CAREER award is to develop synthetic tools to study the function of prions in yeast cells and populations. Congratulations Dr. Ahmad Khalil !

9 April 2017

The MIT Arab Alumni Association wishes you a blessed and joyful Easter!

1 April 2017

Congratulations to Dr Asphahani

 Dr Aziz I. Asphahani, past MIT AAA board director and generous donor to MIT AAA education scholarship has been elected member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Please join us in extending our warmest congratulations to Dr Asphahani as did President Reif in a personal letter.

Dr Aziz is the chief executive officer of QuesTek Innovations LLC, Evanston, Ill . He has been nominated for his executive leadership in STEM education, integrated computer design of materials, and invention and production of corrosion-resistant alloys





25 March 2017

11th Dubai Police International Symposium and MIT

MIT AAA Board Member and Alumnus, Georges Aoude (PhD 2011) participated in the Innovation Panel at the 11th International Symposium of Dubai Police, where he talked about the future of self-driving, connected vehicle technology and legislation around it. He participated through his company Derq, the Dubai-based MIT spin-off, which he founded  to eliminate road accidents and save lives by using machine learning and V2X technology. Participants included representatives of the FBI, INTERPOL HQ and many other Police organizations. Read more


12 March 2017

MIT AAA 24 Hour Challenge!

MIT Arab Alumni Association is participating in the MIT 24 Hour Challenge on Pi Day, March 14. Your gift on March 14 will be matched to unlock $10,000 from an anonymous donor to go towards the MIT Arab Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund!
Click here to be directed to the fund.

Remember– please make your gift on March 14 (EST/Cambridge time) for it to be counted in this challenge!


8 March 2017

For refugees, a waterless toilet to improve sanitation! 

There are more than a billion non-sewered households around the world, for whom toilets can be transformative. To address this challenge, an MIT spinout, Change: WATER Labs, founded by MIT Diana Yousef, Huda Elasaad and other colleagues, is developing a compact and evaporative toilets. Read more here

1 March 2017

Tekuma changing the World of Art Galleries

Cool! MIT Alumnus Marwan Aboudib (MSRED, 2016) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tekuma, which connects emerging artists and their art with property owners and their multi-family residential and commercial properties. By transforming properties into galleries, Takuma adds value to real estate while showcasing artworks and the stories behind their creation. More about it here!

21 February 2017

MIT Diversity feature : Hailing from Damascus

MIT celebrates its diversity, featuring Ihssan Tinawi, a junior double-major in electrical engineering/computer science and economics, who "grew up in Damascus".

Check it out!

11 February 2017

Connecting Refugees to volunteer translators! 

Tarjimly was founded by a group of MIT Alumni from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the USA, including MIT AAA board member, Yamen Al Hajjar, in addition to Abdulla Al-Mentheri, AbdulAziz Al-Ghunaim, Abubakar Abid, and Atif Javed.

The idea for the application was inspired by a trip one of the Tarjimly founders took to a refugee camp in Northern Greece, where the need to interpret and translate between the refugees and the different parties at the camp became paramount.

The team came together to address this problem, leveraging Facebook Messenger as a platform and developing a bot that connects refugees to translators around the world. More about it here.

4 February 2017

Dr Fadel Adib Joins The MIT Medial Lab faculty

Congratulations to Dr. Fadel Adib on joining the Media Lab faculty!


Adib is directing a new research group at the Media Lab, aiming to uncover, analyze, and engineer natural and human-made networks.

Read more here!


29 January 2017

Meet Hamed Mounla, this year’s MIT Arab Alumni Association Scholar!

In Hamed’s words: “The world I come from is a world of conflict and corruption injected in many aspects of society. It is a hub of social injustice and missed opportunities. It is a place where potential is lost and productivity is inefficient. Lebanon is a brain drain.

At the same time, my 60-year-old Sudanese student at the Migrant Community Center still shows up to class every Sunday hoping to improve his language abilities. He proves to me that there still is opportunity in this world, which we must capitalize on. I thus dream of a world of high productive efficiency, a world where globally accessible technologies meet people's 21st century needs. I aspire to become a leader in creating these technologies. I care about maximizing human potential and human capital in a sustainable manner.”

Meet Hamed 

Please support the MIT AAA Scholarship Fund

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21 January 2017

Dr Omar Razzaz appointed as Jordan's Minister of Education

Congratulations to Dr. Omar Razzaz on his new appointment as Jordan’s Minister of Education! We wish him every success in his new role. Dr. Razzaz graduated from MIT in 1987 with a Masters Degree in International Development and Regional Planning and was the Ford International Assistant Professor at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning from 1991-93 and 1995-97.

More here!

14 January 2017

The Social Dilemma of Driverless Cars

Cars have to make trade-offs on the road. Trade-offs often require ethics. So how then do we think about those trade-offs for driverless cars? To find out, watch Dr. Iyad Rahwan’s TEDx Cambridge talk.

Iyad Rahwan, associate professor at the MIT Media Lab, explores how Artificial Intelligence challenges our morality. If a driverless car must choose between killing ...

Please take sometime to watch!

6 January 2017

From refugee to Benefactor

Last year MIT Arab Alumni Association (MIT AAA) Board Member, Rudayna Abdo, took a side step from her career in urban planning to found Thaki, a non-profit that distributes donated computers, loaded with educational content, to organizations and education centers working directly with refugee and disadvantaged children.

In just the proof of concept roll out, Thaki has distributed 265 computers and electronic devices to 11 organizations that are now helping serve over 3,500 children.

There are over 25 organizations in Lebanon that are awaiting to receive devices from Thaki – with a reach of thousands more children.

Read more about Rudayna’s exciting work here!


27 December 2016

Professor Ghoneim honored as Commited to Caring!

 MIT professors Ahmed Ghoniem and Katherine “Kate” Kellogg have been selected as the most recent honorees of the student-driven “Committed to Caring” (C2C) program. Started in the spring of 2014, Committed to Caring seeks to recognize and celebrate MIT faculty members who go above and beyond to make an impact in the lives of graduate students.

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21 December 2016

Yours, MIT AAA

17 December 2016

Technology arranges lunch with someone new

What if people spent their lunchtime connecting in person, rather than just virtually? Introducing Connect, co-founded by UAE National and MIT PhD Candidate, Tuka Al Hanai.  Full article here!



12 December 2016

Device can read emotions by bouncing wireless signals off your body

"Excited, happy, angry, or sad? 

Check out the fascinating work on predicting people’s feelings by Dr. Dina Katabi, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT and Fadil Adib, a doctoral student at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab!"


4 December 2016


Listen to MIT Nasser Rabbat's inaugural speech at the opening of his new exhibition, "Syria, A Living History"?  The exhibition brings together artifacts  and artworks to inspire a new understanding of Syria's past and present, inviting new ways of thinking about its future. Read more about it here!

A few countries have captured the world's attention like Syria today.  Stories of conflict and displacement dominate the media and define people's awareness of the place.  A Living History brings together artifacts and artwork that tell a different story one of cultural diversity, historical continuity, resourcefulness, and resilience.  For over five millennia, this region perched on the eastern Mediterranean has witnessed great world civilizations commingling on its soil and producing art, literature, and culture that constitute the country's rich legacy.

On view at the Aga Khan Museum through   February 26, 2017. #SyriaLivingHistory

Akpi Mit Aga Khan Documentation Center at MIT - MIT Department of Architecture - MIT School of Architecture + Planning


9 November 2016

The Harvard Arab Alumni Association invites you to participate in


To know more click here and to participate 

30 October 2016 - Arab Cinema Week

An MIT Arab alumna helped create the engine behind this!


Enjoy your trip into Arab movieland! 


Arab Cinema Week is New York's first film festival dedicated to Arab cinema this November (18-24) at Cinema Village. With screenings of 14 films from 9 countries, and a fireside chat with Bassem Youssef, Arab Cinema Week aims to promote the Arab culture through film to the community of the tri-state area. Program includes The Idol3000 Nights and Very Big Shot, which are the official selections for the 89th Academy Awards of their countries, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. Other screenings are for award-winning movies like As I Open My Eyes (Tunisia), Nawara (Egypt), Let Them Come (Algeria) and Yalla, Underground! (Germany). And don't miss Tickling Giants (US), Hepta (Egypt), Like A Matchstick (Egypt), and Whose Country? (Egypt/US/France). 

Get your special MIT discounted tickets HERE!


29 October 2016

Al Ghurair Foundation offers Financial Support

Al Ghurair Foundation is offering financial support in the form of full reimbursement of the total cost of the MicroMasters following successful completion of the program (consisting of five courses & capstone exam).The Foundation will also offer a full scholarship for those scholars who are passionate about Supply Chain Management and not only successfully complete the MicroMasters program, but who receive an acceptance from MIT to complete the MIT Blended Supply Chain Management Masters Degree on campus (for one semester). Deadline for scholarship application and start of the MicroMasters program - November 2, 2016.


More about Al Ghurair Foundation



Vote for Diana!

The MIT Arab Alumni Association endorses Diana Zreik SM '91, PhD '95 who is running in the election of new representatives for the Alumni Association Selection Committee (AASC), Read all about it and cast your vote by clicking on "Vote for Diana"!

February 8, 2016

Good design builds a better society! Wise words from Hashim Sarkis, Dean of  SA+P at MIT




January 29, 2016

Computer science and engineering major helps people while having fun

Senior Sami Alsheikh’s time at MIT has been guided by a few simple principles: pursue things you enjoy, develop useful skills that can be applied in different ways, and help people as much as possible. Over the past four years, whether he has been absorbed in computer science courses, building a platform to increase political engagement, or playing with campers as a counselor at Camp Kesem, Alsheikh has managed to live by all three.. read more here!




 Welcome to MIT AAA! MIT Arab Alumni Association (MIT AAA) is a Pan-Arab affinity club that brings together all Alumni from Arab origin or working in any part of the Arab region.
We are here to serve you in cooperation with the local Arab MIT clubs.
So please help us in achieving your aspirations and goals by joining in and participating!

For a 3rd consecutive year, MIT tops university ranking!

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Hashim Sarkis named dean of the School of Architecture and Planning!

Hashim Sarkis — a prominent scholar of architecture and urbanism, a practicing architect whose works have been built in the United States and the Middle East, and a leading expert on design in the Middle East — has been named the new dean of MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P), effective in January.

Congratulations Dr. Sarkis!

Click here for more.

 Hashim Sarkis


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8th MIT Pan-Arab Conference

Record attendance made it very successful

Join us for the next one!


The conference focused on the role of innovation in fostering growth and enhancing economic diversification and job creation in the region.

In the mean time, take a look at the Proceedings from the 7th MIT Pan-Arab Conference to find out why you cannot miss the next conference.

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